We’re drowning in brands

There are over 29 million small and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. And every one of them is fighting for the attention of your potential customers; competing with each other daily for visibility and awareness using a dizzying array of marketing and advertising strategies.

It’s easy to forget they’re out there – to think that your brand will uniquely catch the eye of your target audience from the get-go. But the reality looks more like the business card bulletin board at your local coffee shop: crowded and overwhelming.

So how do we address this? First of all, if we were only talking business cards and you asked me how to make yours stand out from the pack, here’s what I’d say:

  • Use a unique color palette and / or font on your card to draw attention quickly
  • Consider using extra thick card stock to demonstrate high-quality and credibility
  • Don’t overwhelm with too many words; figure out how to describe your business in fewer words
  • Use lots of contrast – in font size, layout and color palette – so your card is easy on the eyes and therefore the one that gets read first
  • Choose an overall professional and beautiful design aesthetic – whatever the industry. Designs that are aesthetically pleasing are always more memorable.
  • Check in to that coffee shop often and make sure your card is still placed front and center on that bulletin board!

How to make your brand pop

We can expand the above list and make it apply to the way your brand is expressed across multiple mediums – because blending in means being forgotten.

  1. Make sure your brand is both attractive and cohesive, everywhere it appears. Choose a unique, high-quality color palette, font, logo, and design aesthetic and use it consistently and professionally across your online and offline channels.
  2. Develop a clear, concise and differentiated value proposition for your business early on. Say it in as few words as possible. Use that same language throughout all your communications.
  3. Don’t be afraid to show personality. Be quirky and personable. Let your personality shine through in your color palette, design aesthetic, brand “tone of voice” and language. Talk to customers one-on-one, even if you’re addressing a crowd.
  4. Tell your story. Everyone has one and your customers want to hear yours. Why did you start your company? Why do you do what you do? What gets you up every day? What is your unique expertise? And how can you turn that expertise into more value for your customers?
  5. Stay in front of your prospects and customers on an ongoing basis. No matter how memorable the first impression, I guarantee they’ll forget you as soon as the next brand overwhelms their senses. How to stay top of mind? Frequent and interesting email updates, newsletters and social media posts are some of the easiest ways.

Want help standing out? Contact us for a marketing audit of your current brand and recommendations to get your business noticed quickly.

[Photo of business cards on bulletin board taken at The Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet, MA]