What is your brand?

Is it your logo or your color palette? Your name? Many businesses see “branding” as writing the perfect copy and/or choosing the perfect color scheme. If this describes your business, you’re focusing on the output of branding before adequately understanding what your brand means to potential customers.

Branding your business is one of the most important steps in building a successful company

It establishes a differentiated position in the market that attracts the right customers. So it’s really important to get it right.

But your brand is not your logo, or your website, or a set of product features. It’s much more than that. Today a brand is defined, in its most basic form, as an emotional response to a product or company.

Company or product differentiation is based on intangible benefits, not features

Let me explain.

In reality, it’s unlikely that your product or service has features that no competitors can provide. Instead, what can differentiate your company are “intangible benefits”, like the way your product makes them feel or the story it tells them about themselves.

If you find that your brand isn’t resonating with customers in a way that garners enthusiasm, loyalty and ultimately, sales, then consider taking another look at how your brand relates to your customers and vice versa, and consider reframing your brand statement. Start with these five questions:

  1. How do we make our customers’ lives better?
  2. How do we give them what they need?
  3. How do we help them make better decisions?
  4. How do we make their lives easier?
  5. How do we make them smile?

Once you know the answers, incorporate them into your marketing messages, your tagline, your elevator pitch, your blog, your social media – every place your customers experience your company or product. Because figuring out what makes your brand singular and indispensable is the key to successful marketing and sales.

Let’s do this

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