It starts with the headline. And maybe ends with the headline.

What I mean is that the headline is actually the most important part of your post. Ignore its importance and you risk the readability and shareability of your post. You also need a great image. Don’t ignore that either.

Craft the perfect headline

Your title or headline needs to be: on-brand, catchy, and compelling. It needs to convey: usefulness, readability, and ideally, an emotion. It should contain your keywords. Include numbers where possible (e.g., “5 ways to attract customers”). Need inspiration? Here’s Hubspot’s “74 Compelling Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Titles” – see what they did there? That’s a great blog post title in itself.

Blog post length matters

Blog post length has always correlated strongly to higher rankings in search engines, and now the evidence seems to suggest that longer posts are becoming more important for ranking. Studies show that blog posts with 2,000 words rank best, however, that number is dependent on a number of things, including what keywords the post is trying to rank for as well as post length of competitors. It’s also dependent on your copywriting and content marketing resources – it’s better to write shorter posts and get them out the door more frequently than to hold back because you don’t have the resources to create a 2,000-word post.

Most of our clients target between 1,000 and 1,300 words per post and have been very successful, with our help, in achieving site traffic, great SEO, and thought leadership from the posts.

The rest of the perfect blog post “must-haves” can be found in our downloadable pdf

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Let’s do this

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